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Truly Great Quality

UpRising is a movement, a force of nature in the industry. We are pioneering the path for eQuality for all dietary choices. We offer flavorful products characterized by their freshness, organic/non-GMO, and allergen sensitive ingredients. A high level of customizability and professional customer service leaves you wanting for nothing. Uprising has partnered with local procurers for flours, honey, fruits, and vegetables that share in the same quality standards. 

We currently offer an extensive menu including gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, peanut free, tree nut free, keto, and of course traditional. We cater to almost all dietary restrictions known to the our local market in a safe and affordable manner. UpRising takes extra precaution to make sure that no matter what the circumstance the products are all of the same great quality and price.



In the last century or so, the consumer has been fed a low quality and unhealthy pre-made menu created to feed masses for pennies. UpRisings responsibility  is to show community what a fresh, from-scratch, product is. UpRising is a neighborhood café serving scratch-made desserts and bakery items as well as fresh & healthy breakfast & vegan lunch options. A plant-forward menu lends itself to be easily made 100% from scratch and 100% in house. UpRising does not bring in any pre-prepared foods or components; cutting out the unknowns and sticking with the basics, homemade-delicious-affordable. We pride ourselves on achievement of making everything here, from fillings, breads & buns & doughs, and even our meat alternatives. Never adding stabilizers, preservatives, additives, artificial flavor enhancers, or chemicals. Leaving the customer with a clean plate and clean conscience.  

Why Ethical &
Eco conscience matters


We are an eco-conscience facility practicing with ethical practices. All of our cleaners are eco-friendly and chemical free. Our packaging containers are compostable, recyclable, biodegrageable. Our food waste is nearly 0% as we use every part of the plant and compost the non-edible parts into our gardens. Best of all, we are a cruelty free facility. We do not support the livestock industry and their inhuman ways and detrimental practices. Climate change is among the greatest threats of our generation—and of generations to come—to public health, ecosystems, and the economy. Food system activities, including producing food, transporting it, and storing wasted food in landfills, produce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. We are taking a stand again Climate Change everyday. Save our planet, there is no planet B. 

We are a proud woman & lgbtq+ owned & operated business

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