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How are we fighting climate change

We are an eco-conscience facility practicing with ethical practices. All of our cleaners are eco-friendly and chemical free. Our packaging containers are compostable, recyclable, biodegrageable. Our food waste is nearly 0% as we use every part of the plant and compost the non-edible parts into our gardens. Best of all, we are a cruelty free facility. We do not support the livestock industry and their inhuman ways and detrimental practices. Climate change is among the greatest threats of our generation—and of generations to come—to public health, ecosystems, and the economy. Food system activities, including producing food, transporting it, and storing wasted food in landfills, produce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. We are taking a stand again Climate Change everyday.

Save our planet, there is no planet B. 

Organic Compost

Zero Waste

Reducing waste is a farm-to-fork, field-to-table effort. For food waste, we are trying to reduce the size of the compost piles, even though diverting food waste away from landfills and recycling is a top priority. We don’t grow food to compost it. We strive to use every last bit of the ingredients we locally source. Due to the organic nature of our products, we can safely take our excess scraps and egg shells to compost, without harming the local anaerobic digestion systems. 


Smart Packaging

We feel the same could be true for packaging waste. We worked hard to eliminate single-use packaging and films where possible. We have shifted to sustainable sources in situations where packaging is critical for food safety and freshness and try to dramatically increase global recovery of packaging materials. We source only sustainable compostable and biodegradable packaging solutions, increasing the demand on these products and ensuring the longevity of the movement. 


Cruetly Free

Animal agriculture is much more than just a health issue for humans–it is also an environmental issue. A Plant Based Cruelty Free lifestyle is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference daily. By being a cruelty free, vegan when possible, facility we reduce our carbon footprint by 70%, reducing our water usage, decreasing deforestation and land use, fight climate change, wiping out oceanic dead zones, and... saving cute cuddly creatures like our very own Rainbow Jumpy(pictured above). 

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